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07/15/24 Trump Classified Documents Case Dismissed

07/13/2024 Assassination Attempt of Donald J. Trump


The Charlie Kirk Show:  Donald Trump, the Worlds most Antifragile Politician


  • 27% Americans skipping 1 meal a day consistently
  • Consumer Pricing Index (awful as of this week)
  • Jobs Reporting
  • Need to stop letting the media gaslight us on where the growth in jobs  are coming from (illegals), whos getting our jobs (illegals) the actual harms of inflation, and do the research ourselves
  • 3.3% inflation as reported (which doesn’t include the necessities) year over year since Trump (we were at no inflation under him)
  • 4/10 business owners couldn’t make rent last month (survey from Public Square all their thousands of businesses)
  • Gas up 55%
  • Groceries up 21%
  • Cost of eating out up 22%
  • Baby Food up 28%
  • Pet Food 23%
  • Rent up 21% Nationwide (some places it’s so much higher)
  • Electricity up 29% (think abut this with businesses)
  • Used cars up 20% (transportation for people and businesses ability)
  • Airfare up 40% 
  • Weekly wages are down 4% from 3.5 years ago
  • 1 in 4 home purchased by investors in 2024
  • Average Median home annual salary to own a home  under a trump 71k under Biden 125k - so less people can hit a home 


  • Stores/ Businesses that have gone woke and therefore gone Broke
  • 24hr fitness just joined Planet Fitness (get article link & summary)
  • Details on case, conviction, contuinted cases, drugs, laptop, links to Joe etc… 

Trump saying he will cut taxes for all tips  - helping working class and youth - winning and earning youth vote - helping inflation state we are in

Marriage rates lowest it’s ever been and fertility rates so low it’s unsustainable 

Park County Republican Central Committee of Colorado
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