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Park County GOP Resolutions for 2024 that passed at Assembly. 


RESOLUTION 1 - PASSED:  Voter Integrity Resolution - Machines/Hand Count 

Whereas: Colorado’s election process has become increasingly complex but less transparent  resulting in critical vulnerabilities to errors and fraud that have been proven in many cases and  sometimes are so complex they are difficult to detect: 

1) all-mail ballots, 2) bloated voter rolls, 3) accepted forms of identification insufficient to  verify the identity and eligibility of voters casting ballots, 4) the potential of voting in multiple  counties, and 5) technology like Dominion that is vulnerable to security breaches and rely  on pre-election testing and post-election audits that are unlikely to detect incorrect vote  tabulation that could change the outcome of close elections;  

Whereas: The voters of Park County and the voters of Colorado have increasingly lost faith that  our elections are secure, and have become disenfranchised from the process, also an illegally  cast vote directly cancels a legally cast votes, neutralizing the voter’s voice; all of which is a  form of voter suppression.  

Therefore, Be it resolved that the Park County Republicans support that: The elections  belong to We the People, with a fundamental and Unalienable Right to verifiably accurate and  valid elections, and in order to retain this Right, the Party calls for county & statewide election  system changes that rely on: bipartisan citizen volunteers to conduct single-day elections with  in-person voting at the local precinct level requiring valid photo identification, using printed poll  books and paper ballots to be voted in secret and cast only by eligible voters, with ballots hand tabulated in the local polling place under camera, with a 100% audit of the closest contest in  each county, with reinstatement of the responsibility to the county canvass boards to certify that  the elections were correctly tabulated, with only absentee mail in ballots for those that are  housebound or traveling or our military overseas and must be applied for in advance in writing,  with declaration of a county, state and or national holiday on both primary and general elections.  

RESOLUTION 2 - PASSED:  Voter Integrity Resolution - Walk in registration and voting.  

Whereas: People have stated they have voted in multiple counties within our state and some  out of state, then shown up on election day and registered to vote and cast their vote again  (Walk in Voting). 

  Therefore, Be it resolved that the Park County Republicans support: “Walk-In” newly  registered voting be abolished. (Must be registered prior to election day) 


RESOLUTION 3 - PASSED:   Voter Integrity State Assembly - Machine Elimination  

Whereas: There was a disaster at the last 2022 Republican state assembly with the electronic  voting system when the assembly willfully made it clear they wanted paper ballots, and there  was question in the outcome of several elections. 

Therefore, Be it Resolved that Park County Republicans support: A motion to remove  electronic voting at the State Assembly and replace with paper ballots.


RESOLUTION 4 - PASSED:  Colorado STATE Illegal Migrant NON-Sanctuary status for Federal  Immigration Crisis 

Whereas: the Colorado Republican Party has a duty to inform citizens so they may hold our  elected officials to their oath of office and the Constitution of the United States; 

Whereas: all elected officials should take immediate action to uphold their oath of office for the  health, safety, and well-being of its citizens and issue a similar declaration; and WHEREAS,  Colorado has witnessed negative impacts to its citizens from the current immigration crisis and  those cities designating themselves as sanctuary cities; 

Whereas: Denver Mayor Mike Johnston’s office has said the city could spend up to $180 million  dollars managing the immigration crisis in 2024, and, illegal aliens are now reported to be  camping outside our rural towns and cities which could strain taxpayer resources already  dedicated to helping those in need that live in Colorado including veterans, elderly citizens,  children of all ages, and the homeless;  

Whereas: the Colorado Republican Party will continue to urge state and local governments to  prioritize the needs and safety of our citizens, and that mission has been jeopardized by the  Governor’s support and signature for sanctuary laws that hobbled sheriffs and police and our  justice system such as HB19-1124, SB19-30, HB21-1194, and HB23-1100; and, 

Whereas: under President Trump, the apprehensions of illegal aliens were the lowest in 45  years to less than 1500 apprehensions a day, and under President Biden the apprehension  numbers have reached up to 15,000 a day with 45 percent coming from countries outside of  Mexico and Central America; and 

Whereas: the Biden Administration ended Trump Administration policies including detention  and deportation of illegal aliens and thus failed to execute the rule of law to secure our country’s  borders and caused this crisis to overwhelm this nation and our cities in the state of Colorado;  

Therefore, Be it resolved that the Park County Republicans support that: The Colorado  Republican Party members declare that Colorado should not be a sanctuary state that  perpetuates the failures of the Federal government nor continues the misuse of taxpayers’  dollars resulting from this illegal immigration crisis, and child trafficking crisis, affecting  Colorado. 

Be it further resolved, that we call on the federal government, the executive branch and our  representatives in Congress to secure funding for the safety and sovereignty of our country by  expanding a secure border wall and barriers, and enforce all congressionally enacted and future  enacted laws against any and all foreigners who enter this country illegally, enforcing Article 4  and Immigration act of 1986, while also reinstating Trump Administration policies such as Safe Third Countries, Title 42, and freezing foreign aid to countries unwilling to enforce their borders  that affect our country;  

Be it further resolved that no illegal immigrant in Colorado shall be given any taxpayer money 

Be it further resolved, no non-governmental organizations shall receive any taxpayer funding  to support directly or indirectly illegals in any form. If NGOs wish to support illegals, they must  receive voluntary donations from private sources. 

Be it further resolved, elected officials or non-elected government Bureaucrats who support,  promote, or enable illegal invasion shall be required to house, feed, clothe and provide for a  minimum of 10 illegals out of their own finances. The cost should be borne by those who  advocate for illegal invasion.  


RESOLUTION 5  - PASSED:  PARK COUNTY Illegal Migrant Non-Sanctuary Resolution for Federal  Immigration Crisis 

This Resolution is contrary to State Statute and cannot be enacted. 

Whereas: Millions of migrants are illegally crossing our nation's southern border and being  transported to Colorado and may make their way to Park County. Many of these people may be  criminals and a threat to our people here.  

Therefore, Be it Resolved that Park County Republicans support: That our county will  never be a sanctuary county for illegal migrants. If an illegal migrant is caught in Park County, they will be detained by appropriate authorities using federal funds and resources per the  current law and deported as soon as possible. Our county taxes will not fund or house illegal  migrants for any reason. We also support the current Resolution “A RESOLUTION Declaring  Park County as A Non-Sanctuary County, Having Finite Limited Resources and Prioritizing Park  County Citizens First being voted on by the BOCC this month regarding this matter (which you  can find on the park county website.)

RESOLUTION 6 - PASSED:  Prayer Resolution 

Whereas: People have a right to pray whenever & wherever they want, and this is upheld by  the constitution. People are not allowed to pray in schools, teachers are not allowed to pray, you  are required even in Congress to not use words like Father or Jesus Christ in your prayers.  People are persecuted for praying in public.  

Therefore, Be it Resolved that Park County Republicans believe: any person of any age  can pray anytime or anywhere they want without restriction or persecution with any words they  choose; this includes in our schools just like it use to be done 100’s of years prior.  


RESOLUTION 7 - PASSED:  Park County Specific Censorship Resolution 

Whereas: Citizens nationally and locally are censored and have their freedom of speech    removed in written, public speaking, internet, and verbal speech all the time.  

Therefore, Be it Resolved that Park County Republicans believe: No speech shall be  suppressed, and we support always upholding our 1st amendment right of freedom of speech and no one shall be censored. There are sometimes benefits or consequences of what you say  but you always have the right to say it.  


RESOLUTION 8 - PASSED:  Anti-Grooming Child Safety Resolution 

Whereas: Students across the nation in public and some private charter schools are being  harmed physically, mentally, and emotionally by being groomed with CRT (Critical Race Theory), DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), gender ideology, pornography, and sexualized  information/education all which are prone to have long lasting negative effects and possible  lifelong consequences. Many times, these things are done in secret without parental permission.  

Whereas: Teaching of Critical Race Theory, the “1619 project” or any doctrine encourages  deviceness among Americans based on identity politics.  

Therefore, Be it Resolved that Park County Republicans believe: All CRT, DEI, grooming,  gender ideology training, pornography and sexualized information/education shall have explicit  parental consent if allowed to remain in our schools. In addition, we support immediate removal  of everything listed above from all Park County & State schools that have any public funding. If  this resolution is broken by anyone in the school system it will result in consequences up to and  including dismissal, loss of license or criminal charge.  


RESOLUTION 9 - PASSED:  Closed Primary Resolution  

Whereas: currently unaffiliated voters are allowed to choose Republican representatives in  primary elections, this is an unfair process and costs us extra money & allows someone not  affiliated with our party to decide who is on the ballot.  

Therefore, Be it Resolved that Park County Republicans support: We want closed primary  elections in Park County (ie. Only registered Republicans can vote in a Republican primary)


RESOLUTION 10 - PASSED:   Defund the CCCA  

Whereas: The Colorado County Clerks Association (CCCA) — a nongovernmental  organization with ultimate oversight of Colorado elections and funded by taxpayers — touts  “Gold Standard” elections and demeans electors while ignoring valid concerns and extensive  research which unequivocally demonstrates critical vulnerabilities and lack of transparency in  the conduct of elections for the people of Colorado.  

Whereas: The CCCA pushes legislation, such as SB22-153, to further limit citizen participation  in conducting and verifying elections. The CCCA is now promoting legislation to criminally  charge county canvass board members who refuse to certify elections.

Therefore, Be it resolved that Park County Republicans support: Colorado’s elections  belonging to We the People, with a fundamental and Unalienable Right to verifiably accurate  and valid elections, and to retain this Right, the CCCA shall be defunded and have all their  authority over Colorado’s clerks and elections revoked.  


RESOLUTION 11 - DID NOT PASS: Roads & Gambling  

Whereas: the state has not funded road maintenance and standards in Park County  

Be it resolved that Park County Republicans support: the proceeds for gambling in Bailey to  be distributed evenly across the counties 13 precincts, and all funds distributed will go to  funding the issues pertinent to each Precinct as they want to spend towards public  infrastructure. 


RESOLUTION 12 - PASSED:   Personal Sovereignty 

Be it resolved That Park County Republicans believe that the federal state and local  governments have no jurisdiction over the god-given right to individual sovereignty concerning  Health decisions and choices, to include any mandates for vaccines, medical treatments, and  practices. 


RESOLUTION 13 - PASSED:  Right to bear arms  

Whereas: the United States Constitution states the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. 

Therefore, be it resolved Park County Republicans fully support: the right to bear arms  without restriction of type of arm, of concealed carry license or other impediment of this right. Be  it further resolved the Sheriff of Park County Colorado has deputies and County officials shall  not enforce any laws contrary to the Constitution Of Colorado and the United states, specifically  the right to bear arms shall not be infringed under any circumstances.  

RESOLUTION 14 - PASSED:  Energy Independence 

Be it resolved that the Park County Republicans believe that because energy Independence  is crucial to the strength, independence, and well-being of our nation, that no executive orders,  or other legislative and administrative actions, be taken that would impair or weaken this energy  independence.  


RESOLUTION 15 - PASSED:  2 term limit of BOCC  

Be it resolved that Park County Republicans support: no County Commissioner may initiate  lifting of the two-term limits rule in Park County.  


RESOLUTION 16 - PASSED:  Public Health order lockdowns

Whereas: Public Health orders from COVID still are on the books 

Therefore, be it resolved that Park County Republicans support: all public health orders as  it pertains to years 2019 to 2022, especially those pertaining to lockdowns or public  enforcement should be removed permanently. 


RESOLUTION 17 - PASSED: Removal of Dave Williams as chairman of CRC 

Whereas: Dave Williams has violated the CRC (Colorado Republican Committee) bylaws by  endorsing and opposing candidates prior to the primary 

Whereas: he is violated the CRC bylaws to run for public office in District 5 while chairman of  the CRC, opposing other Republican candidates 

Whereas: he has used party resources for his own campaign and 

Whereas: he is leading the state party into irrelevance now 

Be it resolved that Park County Republicans support: Dave Williams be removed from office  as the chairman of the Colorado Republican committee. 


RESOLUTION 18 - PASSED:  Banning abortion clinics in Park County 

Whereas: The potential for abortion clinics to be placed in Park County exists.  

Therefore, be resolved that Park County Republicans support: no abortion clinics allowed  within Park County and that no County tax dollars will ever be spent in support of an abortion  clinic within the boundaries of Park County. 


RESOLUTION 19 - DID NOT PASS:  Compensation of Park County Planning Commission 

Whereas: the Park County Planning Commission provides an important function researching  and recommending confirmation or denial to the County Commissioners for PUD (Planned Unit  Development) approvals, permits, consolidations, as well as new business. Their work deserves  compensation. 

Therefore, Resolve the Park County Republicans support: Park County compensation to  the Planning Commission members. Paid either by county or by the future increase in BOCC  pay. 


RESOLUTION 20 - PASSED:  No more money for Ukraine 

Therefore, be it resolved the Park County Republicans support: no additional funding for  Ukraine for this war. 


RESOLUTION 21 - DID NOT PASS:  Homeschool tax exemption

Therefore, be it resolved Park County Republicans support: homeschool registered families  shall be exempt from school taxes. 


RESOLUTION 22 PASSED:  - Words matter  

Marxist Democrat 

Whereas: the Democratic party today is not the party of our parents or grandparents, it is not  the Democratic Party, they have become marxist, they are the Marxist Democrat Party. Marxist  Democrat Party supporters promote and demand things like drag queens in schools castrating  little boys, mastectomies for little girls, child mutilation, in general destruction of the family,  corrupt education, anti-Semitism in schools, illegal Invaders over citizens, open borders cartel  supplying Fentanyl destruction, indoctrination of the US Military, and communist China's interest  over those of the us.  

Therefore, be it resolved that the Park County Republicans support: using correct  terminology referring to The Democratic party as the Marxist Democrat party.  


RESOLUTION 23 - DID NOT PASS:  Words matter -Illegals  

Therefore, be it resolved that the park county publicans Support: using the correct  terminology in reference to illegals. We want all Republicans to stop referring to illegal aliens as  immigrants, undocumented workers, newcomers. We must use illegal aliens, illegal immigrants  or any other term beginning with illegal, even illegal migrants. We support requiring this of any  and all candidates are officials within the Republican Party. 


RESOLUTION 24 PASSED:  Words Matter - Slavery 

Whereas: based on some reports, there are more slaves today than in the 1800s. a Civil War  was fought which ended slavery, supposedly. slavery has a far more Sinister and emotional  connotation than the more sterile modern trafficking. 

Therefore, be it resolved that the Park County Republicans support: using the correct  terminology and calling human trafficking and sex trafficking what it truly is, slavery. consider  using child slavery child sex slavery sex slavery work slaves and labor slaves.  


RESOLUTION 25 PASSED:   Gun confiscation and banning 

Whereas: the United States public is the most heavily armed population on the planet and  tyrants do not want an armed population. Unarmed population or citizens are targets and tyrants  want a disarmed population as their subjects. The Second Amendment is not about hunting or  sport shooting. It is about self-defense against tyranny at any level. They are trying to deceive  us with the word gun control. 

Therefore, be it resolved that the Park County Republicans support: using the correct  terminology and calling gun control gun confiscation and banning.


RESOLUTION 26 PASSED:  Mainstream media propagandists 

Therefore, be it resolved that Park County Republicans support: using the correct  terminology for mainstream media they will now be referred to as propagandist. 


RESOLUTION 27 PASSED: Republic not democracy 

Whereas: the United States of America is a republic, not a democracy. More accurately, it is a  constitutional republic. The power of the majority is not absolute but is tempered by checks and  balances. This nation is not, and never was intended to be, a democracy. Democracy is not the  goal; Freedom, Prosperity, Human Flourishing, and Individual Liberty are. 

Therefore, be it resolved at the park County Republicans support: using the correct  terminology of our constitutional republic, it will not be referred to as a democracy any longer.


Park County Republican Central Committee of Colorado
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