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Executive Board

Chair: Dave Wissell
1st Vice Chair: Joyce Hines
2nd Vice Chair: Lillian Wissel
Secretary: Stephanie Evans
Treasurer: Theryn Ridge

Precinct Chairpersons

Precinct 1: Pat Stoinski, Jeff Sharp
Precinct 2: Kirk Kaczmarek, Kimberly Gregory
Precinct 3: Marlene Eshe, Melanie Littlefield
Precinct 4: VACANT, VACANT
Precinct 5: Steve Holmes, Rick Brown
Precinct 6: Dave Williams, Roy Hocker
Precinct 7: Natalie Breitung , Frank Sokol
Precinct 8: Rick Sanders, Brenda Borton
Precinct 9: Bill Hines, Steve Vincze
Precinct 10: VACANT,VACANT
Precinct 11: Josh Peltonen, VACANT
Precinct 12: Debra Stephen, Brandon Heacock
Precinct 13: David Soued, Ruthie Soued



Vacancy Committee (Recruiting for New PCP's)

Michelle Hart - contact her at

Scholarship Program


Website Administrator

Natalie Breitung       

Message From Our Chair

Message from the New Republican Party Chairman – Dave Wissel

I have been a registered Republican all my voting life. I have never identified as anything but a Republican. I have committed my 44 years in Park County working for the Republican Party. I have stepped up to assist in the leadership once again for the betterment of our County.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I applaud your choice to register as a member of our Party. With the pressures of “living at the speed of life”, as we all do, to make a commitment to our Party is greatly appreciated. It is so easy today, with Polis and his metro-libs running all aspects of State government, to join most voters and not affiliate with any  party.

Unaffiliated voters today outnumber Republicans as well as Democrats. That is true in Park County and Colorado. To keep Park County “red”, we must join in a united front to support our responsible local Republican elected officials. Especially our 2024 candidates. We have contested races at the local, state, and national level. We must elect two (2) County Commissioners (District #1 & #2), our 11th Judicial District Attorney, Congressional District #7, and of course the next President of the United States. At every step the liberals, socialists and unfortunately RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only), are impediments to our collective success. 

We have been on a dedicated, purposeful journey over the last year to recruit and seat true conservatives onto the Park County Republican Central Committee (PCRCC). In 2022 locally, elected Republican county officials openly and defiantly supported Democrats! Unacceptable! Why be an R if you are going to support the D’s? If you find yourself in that position, perhaps it is time to evaluate your core beliefs and principles. We chose to be Republican of our own free will.

We need you! We need volunteers and committed Park County residents to join our cause and our local election team. We need to outreach to your family, neighbors, church members, and other local groups and organizations to ensure our message of limited government, personal responsibility, and low taxes is heard. If you believe in these core basic principles, your time is a valuable commodity. We have openings in all areas for you to help other like-minded patriots make a positive difference!

Disillusioned Democrats, uneasy Unaffiliated voters are always welcome in our Party. We need common sense approaches to our problems locally. We are all residents of the best county in Colorado. To keep it special, we need to elect conservative, common sense-based individuals to address the matters of “We the People”! I am proud to do my duty as a Commissioner to achieve these goals. We need to motivate an army of citizens to inform our county communities across this vast landscape to work together for the betterment of all.

The other team is motivated and well-funded. Their candidate for Commissioner is a “liberal’s liberal” for District #1. This person is an avowed socialist. He co-authored with his Dem’s and RINO’s last year’s failed recall. They are seeking a candidate for District #2. The State Democratic Chairman has targeted every red Courthouse to be replaced with their ultra-progressive philosophies. Their lack of common sense is frightening!

Unfortunately, the Uni-Party platform is supported by the Democrats, socialists, and the disgraced RINO’s from the “old regime”. They have formed an alliance and are working in lock step to turn our county BLUE!

We need you! Please follow our local  website. It will be updated frequently with news, announcements, and a calendar of upcoming events. We need all of you who believe in our Republican principles to join with your friends and neighbors to keep us red.

Again, my sincere appreciation for your commitment to our cause. We ask you to help us in any possible way. If you have time, we need you. If you have even a few spare dollars, we humbly ask for a contribution. If you have news of your community events, pass those along. If you hear of issues or items of concern to you, share those with us.

Our County can only be the special place it is with your help. We have much more in common regardless of where you live, than differences. I believe Park County is a gift from God. We are the fortunate ones to be able to live here. God Bless America and may God Bless Park County!


Dave Wissel
Park County Republican Central Committee Chairman
719.836.2484 (Home Phone #)




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